Monday, January 21, 2013

The Glamourous Life: X's Top 5 Hot Transmog Armor Sets

In the past 6 months, I have embraced the transmogrification market immensely.  Before transmogrification was introduced in WOW, I was unaware of the fashion sense with my WOW characters.  Sure, I could pull major dps with my new gear which looked like I had just stepped out of a bad 80's video, but I was a fashion train wreck.  Who cares about how you look in WOW, right?  I can give you around 50,000 different reasons: GOLD.  If you are a gold-maker in WOW like I am, you know that the transmog market is an excellent way to make a gold profit.  Even I have dabbled in the transmog market myself.  Vanity is catching isn't it?

X's Top 5 Transmog Armor Sets

I am going to share my top 5 transmog armor sets to sell/farm.  I will also include the dungeon/raid where I farmed them (Note that some of these are raids and may require 1 or more people to run with you).  Please keep in mind that these dungeons/raids are where I have personally found these specific pieces to drop.   Every realm's economy is different.  Which means that the gold profit you make may be higher or lower than mine. This list is in no particular order:

1. Glimmering Mail Set - Battlestar Galatica was one of my favorite shows.
   (Scarlet Monastery/Scarlet Halls)

2. Councillor's Cloth Set - This cloth set reminds me of Scarborough Faire.
    (Molten Core)

3. Bloodlust Mail Set - Every vampire's fantasy for their meal.
    (Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj/Temple of Ahn'Qiraj)

4. Emerald Plate Set - This is in homage to the land of OZ in my opinion.
    (Blackwing Lair)

5. Revenant Plate Set - Purple Rain ain't got nothing on this plate set.
    (Blackrock Depths)

Whether you choose to collect a set and then sell the set or sell them piece by piece is entirely up to you.  I have made more gold profit selling the pieces of the set rather than the entire set in my own personal experience.  Nevertheless, it is simply a matter of time and patience when looking for a particular piece.  I do about 3-5 farming runs for transmog armor on a weekly basis.

Remember that WOW is not only a place to play but a place to show off your awesome armor and make an individualized statement about your characters.  Who knows? Maybe one day, WOW will start a Fashion Show for best dressed and give out prizes.  Yeah, and maybe I'll catch that blasted rare Minfernal.  Anything is possible in the World.....of Warcraft. 

Make sure to check back for my next blog which will feature my top 5 transmog weapons.

Please share any of your top transmog armor sets if you like in my comments box.  Thanks for stopping by again!


  1. I've been an active transmog seller on 5 different servers since 4.3 and out of the 5 sets you've listed only Bloodlust and possibly the Glimmering set are still worth selling as the remaining 3 are not that hard to come by on the AH.

  2. Thank you for stopping by Anonymous. As I mentioned, these transmog sets are based on my personal sales and opinions on my respective realm. Every seller will have some differentiation on sales and supply and demand on their realms. Thank you again for leaving a comment :)