Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Personal Best and Worst Markets from MOP 2012

Happy 2013!

Happy New Year to all my readers!  I was on a long holiday but I am back now.  So 12/21/12 came and went without even a small pop.  No surprise there.  However, this brings in the New Year along with the first Cold's Gold Carnival Blogging Topic for 2013.  Keep in mind that everything I am posting here is purely my opinion and my experience on my realm with my toons.  It's all about me.  At least in this blog it is.

MOP Pets

Let me start out by saying MOP brought me a nice gold profit with many different things.  First of all, pets were big gold makers for me in this expansion.  I sold more pets since MOP came out than the entire time I have played WOW.  The interest in pet battles made this very possible, along with the new pets that drop in the older raids: Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, Naxxramas and the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj.  I made an average of 1k-3k per pet which of course was dependent on the supply and demand on my respective realm.  I managed to sell some for close to 7k on occasion! 

Here is a list of which raid I farmed pets from and the highest price that sold on my realm:

Molten Core:

Corefire Imp - 3500 gold  

Ashstone Core - 2500 gold

Harbinger of Flame - 5000 gold   

Blackwing Lair:

Untamed Hatchling - 8500 gold

Death Talon Whelpguard - 7000 gold

Chrominius - 9500 gold


Fungal Abomination - 3500 gold

Giant Bone Spider - 4500 gold

Stitched Pup - 3500 gold

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj:

Anubisath Idol -  2500 gold

Mini Mindslayer - 4500 gold

Viscidus Globule - 5000 gold

MOP Gear/Weapons

In addition to the pets, my other great gold making market was generated through MOP gear/weapons.  With the introduction of MOP, you could obtain item level 400+ gear and weapons starting at level 80.  I even suited up my level 80 Death Knight with all the MOP gear I could find.  Most of the MOP gear I found to sell were gone within the first day.  The weapons seemed to sell better than the gear on my realm. For example, the Buc-Zakai Bugslicer sold for 3500 gold and the Leggings of the Scorched Man sold for 2000 gold.  Nevertheless, there was much profit to be made from level 80s who wanted to twink up with  item level 400+ gear and weapons. 

MOP Mats

MOP mats skyrocketed during the first month of the expansion.  Windwool Cloth, Ghost Iron Ore and Pristine Leather were all big gold makers for me.  I sold the mats quicker than I could farm them.  I spent most of my first days on MOP farming these items to sell rather than leveling up quickly to level 90. 
Cooking mats, especially fish brought me nice chunks of gold due to the fact that most people don't enjoy fishing.  Reef Octopus and Giant Mantis Shrimp were the big ones for me.  Refer to my previous blog Big Shrimpin' for farming tips on these.

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye...To Yesterday

Twinkies and Twink Gear/Weapons Market: Non-Existent

Hostess Twinkies closed down shop and so did I with my level 1-20 twink gear/weapons.  When MOP came out, it seemed like the market was flooded with Feet of the Lynx and Gloves of the Fang on my realm's auction house.  I used to sell those items for around 1-1.5k each.   They now seem to be in my realm's auction house for 300 gold.  I eventually abandoned that market and now mainly focus on transmog gear/weapons. This market is horrible on my realm and inconsistent.

No More Nerf Please

When I was younger, Nerf was a soft toy that one could throw or shoot at another with no injuries since it was made of a sponge-like material.  Nowadays in WOW, when something is nerfed, it certainly isn't fun and can injure your gold profit.  That being said, one of my worst markets during MOP are the pre-MOP Plans, Schematics, Patterns, etc.  I still obtain these drops from my farming runs but have partially abandoned this market.  I keep a select few of these in my bank and put them in the auction house once a week.  I will make a sale here or there but alas, nothing consistent in this market either. It seems to me that most of these items are being nerfed.  An example is the Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth.  I used to sell these for maybe 20-25 gold.  Not much, but now they go for 10-15 silver if that much. 

 My Closing Thoughts

In closing, I am not happy about the cross-realm play save the fact that I might get to play with a friend or two on another realm.  My realm seems to be a bit overcrowded with players from other realms.  Please let me vent on this one.  I might complain when I am farming ore or herbs and someone from my realm beats me to it, but to see another realm's player do it and on my realm?? BURN!  Thank you for listening to me vent.  Please check back soon for my next blog which will start a two part post on farming for my personal favorite transmog gear and weapons.  Until then, enjoy the start of 2013!


  1. Im sure the CRZ player is pissed at you taking nodes on HIS realm, too ;)

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