Saturday, December 8, 2012

4 Seeds To Rule Them All: Fun & Profit at the Sunsong Ranch

Everyday I visit my ranch.  I harvest and plant seeds like a good WOWhead should.  Seeing as my main character is maxed on Cooking and has reached exalted reputation with the Tillers, I decided to focus on other ways to enhance my pocket with extra gold by using my 16 available plots on my ranch. I focused mainly on planting seeds which can yield items for me to stack up and sell.  I suppose I could go and "farm" them, but my main character's profession is skinning and engineering so I chose to "farm" them on my ranch. Not to mention, I didn't have much time to spend playing that week as I normally do.  There is this thing called "work" and they expect you to show up in order to get paid.  Bummer! But if I don't work, I don't get paid.  If I don't get paid, I can't play WOW.  Makes sense.

My Sunsong Ranch Harvesting Experience

I spent a week planting certain seeds and kept a log of what I would harvest each day as well as what my total was at the end of the week.  I then put my auction house skills to use and placed the stacks on my respective realm's auction house to see what I could profit.  Here is what I planted each day:

Enigma Seed - Despite it's name, there is no mystery that some type of Pandaren herb will be harvested from this seed.

Magebulb Seed - I thought a cool mage might pop out of this seed and give me a free portal somewhere, but I guess I will settle for the enchanting dust instead.

Snakeroot Seed - I don't get what snakes and roots have to do with ore but I got generous amounts of ore harvesting this.

Windshear Cactus Seed - This seed might have the most accurate name out of them all.  It catches cloth blowing through my ranch.  Someone is losing Windwool and I am the beneficiary.

I spent about 15 minutes a day on harvesting and planting new seeds.  At the end of the week, here is what I had in my bags:

Herbs - Snow Lily: 15  Silkweed: 10 Fool's Cap: 15 Green Tea Leaf: 32 Rain Poppy: 10 Golden Lotus: 1

Enchanting Dust - Spirit Dust: 38 Mysterious Essence: 12

Ore - Ghost Iron Ore: 60 Kyparite: 17

Cloth - Windwool Cloth: 55

I stacked what I could and this is what I sold on my realm's auction house:

Herbs: 450 gold

Enchanting Dust: 530 gold

Ore: 485 gold

Cloth: 155 gold

Total Made from the Auction House Sales:  1620 gold

Any Gold Is Good Gold

This may seem like a small profit, but it doesn't require more than 10-15 minutes a day and can yield that extra pocket change in addition to any farming you might do on a regular basis.

I always visit my Sunsong Ranch before I start any daily quests or farming.  In my opinion, this is a mostly effortless task that brings the bling back to my pocket. Happy Harvesting!


  1. Based on my own experiences and those I've read even after 5.1, you've been a bit unlucky on herbing to get only a single lotus out of 80 seeds. I ilke that non-herbalists can get the soulbound mana and health spirit from harvesting herbs, too.

    1. Indeed Hatter, the health spirit comes in handy for those long daily quest fights :) Thank you for your comment.

  2. Yeah, I'd say that was real unlucky only getting one lotus. Today I harvested 2 full crops, one got me 8 lotus (my record) and the other 4 lotus. Typically I'll get 3-5 per farm.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! You are very lucky to have the Golden Lotus harvest plethora :)

  3. Is Enigma seeds better to plant for GL procs or Songbell seeds for Motes of Harmony which turned into Spirits of Harmony can be used at the SoH Vendor in the Shrine to buy GL. Used to be 1:3 ratio, now after Patch 5.1 is 1:2. You can get 1.5 rough SoH by planting entire farm with Songbells.

    1. Good point about the SoH :) So many people email me asking for a good place to farm those and I usually tell them to utilize the Songbell seeds. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Point of order.

    10-15 mins per day over a 7 day week is 70-105 mins of farming.

    For 1620 gold?

    That's not good turn over I'm afraid. Easy sure, but there's far better ways to generate income in the game than this option.

    Even if you just collected 16 motes of harmony per day - giving 11.2 Spirits of harmony and bought Golden Lotus from a vendor, you'd get 22 Golden lotus (even after the 5.1 nerf) and on the TUJ market mean (Alliance) of 130g each, you're already at 2860g for the week, over 1000g in front of your effort above.

    Worth thinking about, anyway.

    1. Mogram, Thanks for stopping by. 1620 gold may not seem much to some but to others it is profit. I probably spent 10 min myself but I am sure it can be done in less time. In addition to my other farming, this is an easy way to generate a bit more profit. Thanks for the comment though.

  5. I too have converted to 100% songbell planting now that I have completed all of the cooking "Ways". Lotus is averaging around 200G each on my server right now so I am riding the easy money train while it lasts.

    Thanks for the site! :)