Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fish, Salmon and the Twins: 4 MOP Foods To Make Your Pocket Sizzle with Gold

Even though Summer has been over for awhile now, there is still sizzling going on in MOP (Mists of Pandaria).  If you haven't guessed yet, I am talking about the great MOP foods that can be created and sold for a nice gold profit.  Even though there are many new recipes for MOP, I found 4 that were the most profitable in my respective realm.  Please do keep in mind that profits from these foods are realm dependent.

Eternal Blossom Fish

These wonderful fish provide an awesome strength increase of 275 for an hour to those who relish this delicacy.  Don't let the name fool you though.  Contrary to popular belief, these fish are not eternal nor do they blossom.  The ingredients for this food are 1 Jade Lungfish and 5 Striped Melons.  Jade Lungfish can be fished up all around the waters in The Jade Forest.  The striped melons can be harvested from your personal farm or purchased with Ironpaw Tokens.

Fire Spirit Salmon

These salmon pack a fiery punch loaded with a huge spirit buff of 275 which lasts for an hour. Healers will enjoy the spicy taste to help regenerate their mana quicker.  The ingredients for this recipe are: 1 Emperor Salmon and 5 Scallions.  I found many Emperor Salmon fishing pools in the Valley of the Four Winds.  The scallions can be harvested or purchased with Ironpaw Tokens.

Twin Fish Platter

I can only speculate the name of this delicacy is based on its sole ingredient which consists of 2 Krasarang Paddlefish.  This food buff gives you 415 stamina for an hour.  The Krasarang Paddlefish can be found also in the Valley of the Four Winds in fishing pools.

Valley Stir Fry

This MOP delight increases your agility by 275 for an hour.  I found it quite interesting that the ingredients to this were an odd combination: 1 Reef Octopus and 1 Wildfowl Breast. This food might not taste good in real life, but any character that utilizes Agility as their main stat will go crazy for it.  The Reef Octopus were plentiful around Krasarang Wilds for me.  If you haven't read my previous blog: Big Shrimpin', please check out the archives for a great route to fish the Reef Octopus.  I hunted Wildfowl Breast around the Valley of the Four Winds and found the best place to farm them was located.  I have included a map below indicating the area where I had the most success.

Daily Reputation Gain

On a side note, these 4 MOP delicacies can be used on a daily basis to increase your reputation with their respective Tiller NPC's.  I am including the 4 daily quests and what Tiller NPC will give you reputation for the 4 foods.

Eternal Blossom Fish - A Dish For Sho - 1800 reputation gain with Sho

Fire Spirit Salmon - A Dish for Tina - 1800 reputation gain with Tina Mudclaw

Twin Fish Platter - A Dish for Fish - 1800 reputation gain with Fish Fellreed

Valley Stir Fry - A Dish for Chee Chee - 1800 reputation gain with Chee Chee

Sizzlin' Gold

The 4 MOP foods I have listed above brought me a nice profit of gold.  I sold them in stacks of 5.  Below you will find my profit based on each food that I sold:

Eternal Blossom Fish - Stack of 5 - 45-50 gold

Fire Spirit Salmon - Stack of 5 - 55-60 gold

Twin Fish Platter - Stack of 5 - 45-50 gold

Valley Stir Fry - Stack of 5 - 70-75 gold

I must emphasize that these profits only reflect my realm's supply and demand.  You will have to gauge your own realm's supply and demand to see what profit you can gain from these foods.  Nevertheless, not a bad way to utilize the fish and meat that you collect while your doing daily quests or just farming.


  1. Thanks for the reminder!
    But why bother fishing when the world is full of fishbotters? :)
    Only thing worth to "farm" is the owl breasts. But better buy alot when a daily involves killing owls since there will be a ton on ah.

    But alot of the times, ill just end up flipping the meat. Same profit but no effort.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous. I unfortunately don't use fish bots or any bots for that matter. Sadly, these bots affect the market in so many ways. I make a nice profit while enjoying the fishing and farming which is something I like to do in WOW.

  3. It goes without saying that the dynamics of the increased potential in food has created markets anew with MOP. With the racial for Pandas now an added incentive and so much new end game raid content, food now has been rightfully restored in it's place concerning PvE content and with it, brought many new markets for potential gain.

    With the recent updates to TUJ for food, it's clear that regardless of which server you are on (and the size of it), good profits can be gained in WoW simply by playing the farmer/chef game.

    Honestly, I don't expect this to go away at all until MoP is finished and whatever xpac comes next.

    1. Thank you for posting your comment Mogram. I agree that the farmer/chef gameplay will bring most some extra gold in profit. There are always players who prefer to spend the gold then farm or do daily quests. :)

  4. Yes, i agree. Enough of botters to make fishing a waste of time. (On the other hand, i consider most things i cant do from IF a waste of time).

    To bad those have found out about shuffeling Ironpaw tokens aswell. Had a few weeks where i kind of bought all fish and meat availible to transform to pepper, soy sauce and rice flour.
    One stack of meat 80-100g -> one black pepper 200g
    But since last week the kobolds started (or if its a fishbotter). Now they arent 200g but 90gs. When i reset wich used to be a success someone takes about 5 minutes to post a new load at sub 100g:s.

    I mean, the effort of actually turning in that repetable quest for a token is quite.. numbing. Turn in 200 stacks of fish and youre arm is hurting... badly!

    So i started to just flip the fish instead :) I bought out all the jade lungfish for making Eternal Blssom Fish yesterday after reading this (thanks i sold about 12 stacks at 300g each). And by happenstance i accidently had a bunch more mailed to an alt. So i also sold a bunch of those for 250g a stack.

    Food is fun in MoP :)

  5. Yes Dallas, Sadly there are those who are too lazy and take the easy way out using a bot. I have never used a bot and do my own farming and still I make a nice profit. Glad to hear that my blog post helped you out a little. Hope you continue to have success and profit. :)

  6. One more thing to remember when pricing your food for resale is that the "Dish for..." Dailies not only reward you with Rep gains, but also 5 VP each as well. With the current outcry from people not willing to put effort into dailies to get the VP, selling the dishes for an "easy VP gain" can be quite lucrative :)

  7. Great point Anonymous! My dishes have been selling quite well and consistently possibly because of the extra VP's. Thanks for stopping by with a comment :)

  8. The 'botter' comments I think are directed at taking advantage of a large supply at low prices that they farm up, not that you would actually use them yourself. Just buy their product off the ah instead of taking the time to farm it up.

  9. Yes that was definetly my point MightbeChris.
    I have played this game for 8 yeras now without and have never even tought of using a bot myself. But i dont mind taking advantage of the situation so i dont have to do things i consider boring = farming.