Saturday, October 27, 2012

Big Shrimpin': My Giant Mantis Shrimp Farming Experience

Big Shrimpin': Giant Mantis Shrimp Farming

After FINALLY reaching level 90 on my gnome rogue, I decided to peruse the Krasarang Wilds in search of these Giant Mantis Shrimp that were considered a rare delicacy on my server.  I heard rumors that these plucky little crustaceans roamed the south west corner of the wilds.  I had no idea what adventures and obstacles awaited me, so I packed some extra food buffs, potions, my Strong Fishing Pole and my Weather Beaten Fishing Hat (it survived Hurricane Isaac).  I took the flight path from The Shrine of the Seven Stars to the Cradle of Chi-Ji which is the furthest flight path located on the lower south-west area of the Krasarang Wilds as indicated on the map below by the blue arrow.  If you are using your Horde character, simply take a flight path to FarWalker Refuge as indicated on the map below with the red arrow. Since I was level 90, I mounted my Magic Broom for festive reasons and took off for the coastline with a cackle or two.

This mount is only usable during Hallow's End.  This mount changes depending your riding skill and location.

My Journey Into the Wild

Upon arrival at an area off the coastline, just south of the Dawnchaser Retreat, I found a nice cozy spot to start my farming expedition.  I equipped my Strong Fishing Pole and donned my Weather Beaten Fishing Hat (which gave me extra fishing skills).

When equipped, gives you + 5 on your fishing skill.  When used gives you +75 on your fishing skill for 10 minutes.

Below is a map of the area I farmed for Giant Mantis Shrimp:

Purple Line - My Farming Route
Red Arrow - Horde Flight Path
Blue Arrow - Alliance Flight Path

I ran this route from 1:15 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. server time.  I found Giant Mantis Shrimp, Reef Octopus and Sealed Crates along this fun route.  Here is the breakdown of everything I fished up from all the Giant Mantis Shrimp and Reef Octopus fishing pools:

 Reef Octopus :  68

     Sealed Crate:  10

What I pulled from the Sealed Crates:

All in all I netted around 1800-2000 gold including the silver/gold I netted from the Sealed Crates.  This wasn't bad for one hour of farming on an easy route.  Not to mention, I was a lonely traveler on this route.  I never saw anyone else out in my area as I was farming which is good when you want all the fishing holes for yourself (Insert Evil Laugh Here: MUAHAHAHAHAHAH).  You could possibly make 10k gold a week farming the Giant Mantis Shrimp and the Reef Octopus depending on your realm's supply and demand for these.

Fry Dat Shrimp 

Giant Mantis Shrimp is an ingredient for these MOP delicacies:

Reef Octopus can also be used as an ingredient for these MOP delights:

These MOP foods can also net you some gold in the auction house.  Everyone loves food buffs whether your battling the Sha of Anger or simply running the Silvershard Mines.  

In conclusion, fishing up the Giant Mantis Shrimp or the Reef Octopus can equal extra gold in your pocket for a minimum one hour a day farming.  Please keep in mind these profits are realm-dependent.  By the way, I like my shrimp grilled with lemon.  Happy Farming!


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